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Friday 3rd of August, from 7PM in the Underground. It's like your Year 12 Formal, but without the braces. All the performing arts societies at UTS (UTS Backstage, UTS Revue Society, UTS Hiphop Society, The Film Appreciation Posse, and of course MuscUTS) have teamed up to bring you a SPECTACULAR night!

Complete the challenges for a chance to be crowned Prom King/Queen (aka the most popular entity in school), or look as snazzy as possible for the 'Best Dressed' award! Tickets are $20 for members of the affiliated societies, and $30 for general entry, Purchase them here or at the door (All tickets sold at the door will be $30). Visit the Facebook Event to hit 'attending' and for any details that this mere mortal has missed.

OH, I almost forgot the mention the best part- representatives from MuscUTS will be performing varied set lists, LIVE throughout the night! So get your tickets, get your heels and blazers on, and come along for some great food, drink and music. See you all there!