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Week 1 is Done!

What a great start to the year. First week of MuscUTS done and dusted!

Thank you everybody who showed up to rehearsals. We had a great turn out to Orchestra and Choir, and we got to experience some great vocal talent showcased in the Glee auditions. Check your inbox early this week for the results :D Our brand new Band Program is also slowly but surely taking off (visit to find out how you can join in the fun).

As for our first event of the year, well... wow. A big thanks to everyone who rocked the stage, it was amazing fun watching everyone get up and give it a go. Your enthusiasm has spread to us and we're super keen to bring you all kinds of other great events throughout the year- stay tuned!

It's been a great week, meeting all the newcomers and welcoming back the old ones. We hope you guys will stick with us for the rest of the year!

Have a musical Autumn Session :)

<3 The Muscuts Team

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