Q: What is MuscUTS?

A: MuscUTS is a shorthand for UTS Music Society. We are a society where passionate musicians and music lovers can join and socialise with like-minded people through events, gigs or participating in our ensembles.


Q: What ensembles do you have?

A: We currently have Jazz Band, Jam Club, Orchestra and Choir.


Q: How can I join?

A: You can join by seeing us at UTS’ O'Day or on Clubs Day. You can also join via the activate website. We recommended that you follow our social media to keep updated on the dates, times and locations of our stalls!


Q: Do I need to audition?

A: No audition is necessary to join Choir, Jazz Band, and Orchestra. The only ensemble that requires you to audition (vocalists and instrumentalists) is Jam Club.


Q: Do you have any facilities I can use to practice my music?

A: Please contact our Facebook page to discuss options for individual/small group rehearsal spaces. 


Q: Do you do gigs?

A: Sometimes people do come up to one of us and ask us if they can recruit some of our musicians for a gig. In cases like these, we usually recruit the appropriate members for the gig who are active members in our existing ensembles.


Q: Can I join just for the social events?

A: Of course you can! We do encourage you to join one of the ensembles, but if you just want to socialise without the group commitment you certainly can.